Friday, May 01, 2020

Cheesy Smile

I was expecting a proper hissy fit tonight from Dr G, but he decided not to touch upon the matter of Decreto 15-2020, the technical details of which had seemed so important to him yesterday.

Instead he reverted to the pattern that has become worryingly prevalent over the past week - delivering bad news with a cheesy smile and hot footing it pretty quickly.

The number of new cases detected is indeed visibly declining along with the length of his addresses, but so too is the provision of relevant information, such as the point of origin of these new infections.

Otherwise we can conjecture that cases went up last week thanks to the deportations and have come back down this week only because they were subsequently halted.

We really need to see a graph of the local R number (that excludes deportations) in order to assess whether a change to the mitigation measures is appropriate net week. 

Partial easing in Denmark and Czechia has produced no new surge so far. 

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