Saturday, May 16, 2020

Life will find a way...

Why is flu not seasonal in the tropics? 

In part because the virus behaves like everyone else living in the tropics. Life will find a way. No cars allowed? No problem. 

This is one of the major challenges we face here: creative solutions to the social and economic restrictions which end up increasing the public health risks.

That 50s drive-thru idea put about by Joe's Grill (unceremoniously killed off out of the blue by Giammattei's new dispositions) is the kind of thing that perhaps ought not to have been permitted in the first place.

Restaurants have been restricted to pick-up and delivery only for a reason: to limit the points of contact as far as feasible. 

Joe's has a big parking space right in front. Rather than sitting at tables diners would have gathered outside in their cars. 

The rules would thus have been neatly circumvented. But what about the toilets? What about the expanded level of contact for the servers? What about the mini super-market in the same plaza and the possibility of cross-contamination? 

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