Friday, March 09, 2007

Doused in spiritual bleach

Indigenous organisations in Guatemala have announced that they intend to conduct purification ceremonies at Maya archaeological sites about to be befouled by the visit of the US President.

They will also be conducting on-going prayer vigils in Tecpán as a kind of real-time purge of the Bush hoodoo.

The director of Coordinadora Indígena y Campesina de Guatemala (CONIC), Juan Tiney, has explained how and why the clean-up will be conducted next Tuesday at Iximché, ancient capital of the Kakchiqueles:

"La presencia del señor Bush en un lugar como Iximché mancha la honra de ese sitio, por todas las muertes y dolor que ha sembrado en el mundo. Llegar a esas tierras santas atenta contra nuestra cultura" (Dubya's presence is a stain on the honour of this site, for all the pain and death that he has sown in this world. His arrival on these scared grounds is a kick in the nuts for our culture.)

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