Friday, June 29, 2007

Good bad movies

Was chatting to Joel yesterday about Hostel and how it reminded me a bit of John Woo's Van Damme vehicle (or was it Van Damme's John Woo vehicle?) Hard Target from 1993.

In the three year period between 1991 and 1994 Van Damme featured in a sequence of some of the better bad movies ever made, of which Universal Soldier is probably the stand-out piece of work (though Timecop has its merits too).

A Guatemala-based sequel to Hostel (Hostal? Jungle Lodge?) would be fun. It would have to involve some retired colonels, Kaibil-assisted would-be murderer-torturers and a substantial backpacker/eco-tourist victim-pool!

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Anonymous said...

It could feature tourists who are killed by too many bad directions....

Tourist: "Excuse me, where's the Atlantic Highway?"

Person One: "Pues, it's over there a little while."

Person Two: "Pues, go a while and turn left."

Prson Three: "Pues, recto, recto, recto..." (waving in a general direction).

Tourist: head explodes.