Tuesday, June 26, 2007


On Johnny's recommendation I passed one of the several hours I spent yesterday in Glasgow tucking into a plate of Dover sole goujons at the bar at Rogano.

This is a rather wonderful local institution reputedly put together using left over Art Nouveau bits following the completion of the Queen Mary on the Clyde in 1935.

I'd commend it to any visitors to this disarmingly pleasant urban centre. (It's a big place with a city population of around 580,000 compared to say Miami, which has a population of 390,000. Johnny told me that about a third of all Scots live in and around Glasgow.)

Afterwards I made my way to the Professor's flat on Douglas Styreet and there browsed through his copy of The Landmark Trust handbook, where I found this charming little restored property called St Winifred's Well. It can be hired out by a party as small as two.

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