Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hasta logo?

If nothing else the now global furore surrounding London 2012's branding exercise has revealed the key fault lines in contemporary communications culture, specifically that between (expensive) professional branding and its consumer-hijacked alternatives.

A marque designed to be relevant in five years' time has served to show us just how relevant it might have been to come good right now on the promise of a "people's Olympics" and to cop-opt up front the distributed popular creativity which has emerged so furiously across the grid this week.

Coe and co have made things that much worse for themselves by kitting themselves up with a brand designed to be edgy and "of the street". And they even had a pre-loading blogger-relations campaign designed to encourage socialised webizens to "feel free to spread the word". Oh deary dear...

(There's one too many zeros in the logo above; the designer could have stuck to the rings in their usual configuration.)

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