Thursday, August 23, 2007

Surf's up in Cancún

For those that didn't run to the airport, there were some unusually good surfing conditions this week in the northern Yucatán.

Although Dean struck near Chetumal at Category 5 strength no deaths have yet been reported in Mexico, and around the town itself the damage seems to have been limited to broken trees and windows. A low-lying part of the city did however experience 2m-high flood waters.

When I passed through Chetumal last December I was impressed by how much it had grown since I first went there in '88. From the bus I spotted a fairly typical trucker's puti-cantina on the road in called Bar La Bella Mentira!

Anyway, there are a few eye-catching Dean images turning up on Flickr. Here's a selection:

The Hurricane Dean survival kit

Hated structure survives

Dean's gone, come n eat

Aqui te espero

According to the Miami Herald, Dean 'ravaged' a bunch of Mennonites on its second visit to Mexico yesterday.

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