Monday, January 05, 2009

The Transporter 3

Fans of the homoerotic high-kicking of Jean-Claude Van Damme and the environmentally-concerned plotlines of Steven Siegal, have only Jason "Im not the gay" Statham to console themselves with these days.

This movie is fairly watchable - but not especially listenable - because almost all the cast, Statham included, could do with subtitles.

Perhaps Luc Besson will be invited to script the next 007 movie, because Transporter 3, baddish as it is, is nowhere near as bad as Quantum of Solace. On the one hand you get props like the exploding bracelets which look like cast-offs from Blake's 7, but then you also get the highly ingenious set piece where Frank Martin refloats both his lungs and his Audi after driving off a bridge into a lake.

Anyway, you get what you'd expect from a director called Olivier Megaton...

Grade: B

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