Monday, February 02, 2009

Quote of the Day: Murakami Series (1)

"The hotel should never have been built where it was. That was the first mistake, and everything got worse from there. Like a button on a shirt buttoned wrong, every attempt to correct things led to yet another fine — not to say elegant — mess. No detail seemed right. Look at anything in the place and you'd find yourself tilting your head a few degrees. Not enough to cause any harm, nor enough to seem particularly odd. Who knows? You might get used to this slant on things (but if you did, you'd never be able to view the world again without holding your head out of true.)"
Haruki Murakami, Dansu, Dansu, Dansu (1988)

[A sojourn at the Dolphin Hotel —"that weirdly fateful much circumstance as place" — must be a bit like living in Guatemala!]

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