Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trip Pic of the Day

A Cornish cove with cacti was my first impression of Mazunte from high up at Balamjuyuc.

I was saddened to learn yesterday of the accidental death here of Aura Estrada, wife of the Guatemalan-American novelist Francisco Goldman. It seems she drowned whilst body surfing back in July 2007.

Aura was also a talented writer and essayist, and following her death a prize for young Latina scribblers has been created in her name.

Ever since being knocked almost senseless by a wave at Monterico I have had a healthy respect for the dangers of the Pacific shoreline. At Mazunte I was careful not to go out much beyond the point where my feet could touch the bottom. Every seventh or so wave is a real monster and they tend to swell up fairly late in their approach, limiting the swimmer's options. You find yourself being literally sucked into their jaws, so powerful is the undertow, so any attempt to escape in the opposite direction is usually pointless. Your best bet is to rush to meet them, hoping to get there before they break over you.


scott said...

Stunning foto, esp. viewed large. Was that w/ your Lumix? I'll be taking mine for the first time to Guate in April.

El Blogador said...

Yes, Lumix TZ-3