Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A small place with big ideas?

Anna Murphy's article in the Telegraph about Guatemala is indeed an assault on the senses:

"Perhaps the most civilised place in Guatemala is the stunning old colonial town of Antigua. A short drive out of the capital, it's a small place with big ideas. I spent a couple of memorable days exploring the cobblestone streets, each lined with beautiful single-storey townhouses painted terracotta or Córdoba blue.

"Some of the houses are Moorish in style with chimneys like minarets and flamboyantly arching doorways; others look more Venetian, with balconied Juliet windows. All of the houses have stunning courtyards, just glimpsed from the streets, dripping with bougainvillea and jasmine. A number have been turned into fine guesthouses, like the Panza Verde."

Last time I checked, terracotta and Córdoba blue were at best minority colours in the palette. Chimneys like minarets???

Here's a pic of some 'Venetian' arches. If anyone can find one in Antigua they're welcome to comment here...

[Thanks to Scott for the link.]

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