Thursday, February 26, 2009


I had some time to kill between buses in Tuxtla Gutiérrez (16 hours to be exact), so it helped that there was a Cinépolis multiplex right next to the terminal.

Movie-going is a lot more affordable in Central America. Two hours of Tom Cruise posing as a creepy, confused Nazi cost just 32 pesos - little more than two dollars. And this included a reclining, high-backed seat, a 'macro screen' and a superb sound system.

Valkyrie is all a bit 'oh look here comes another well-known British character actor'. That said, one doesn't have to entirely suspend one's knowledge of history to feel the mounting tension as the plot takes shape. But once Hitler has taken a splinter bath at the Wolf's Lair the whole thing descends a little into scenes of anonymous men in grey running around Berlin, perhaps more appropriate to a TV mini-series.

Grade: B

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