Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Trip Pic of the Day

Approaching Mexico along Guatemala's Pacific plain, one can hardly fail to notice that almost every highway-fronting structure has been comprehensively stained with the colours of one the three local cellphone networks, Tigo, Claro and Movistar. But as soon as you are over the border the branding saturation becomes far more subdued. All your base are belong to Carlos Slim, I suppose. But it doesn't even look like Coke and Pepsi ever really got it on up here either.

The competition is fierce however amongst the mobile marimba units. Pairs of players lug their instrument from restaurant to restaurant, and at an al fresco table one is likely to find onself at the cacaphonic intersection of several tapped out tunes.

In Chiapas one also finds oneself back in rum territory. The local stuff is called Fandango and I felt like dancing one when I discovered that a 940ml bottle costs just 35 pesos. (approx. $2.5).

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scott said...

Excellent shot and great story. How was the fandango ron?