Thursday, October 01, 2009

Grand Old Man of Letters

Former Antigua resident and nightime prowler Gore Vidal has told the Times's Tim Teeman that Obama is doing "dreadfully" and that he expects a military dictatorship anytime soon in the USA. On what the generals are currently keeping themselves busy with, he adds:

America should leave Afghanistan, he says. “We’ve failed in every other aspect of our effort of conquering the Middle East or whatever you want to call it.” The “War on Terror” was “made up”, Vidal says. “The whole thing was PR, just like ‘weapons of mass destruction’. It has wrecked the airline business, which my father founded in the 1930s. He’d be cutting his wrists. Now when you fly you’re both scared to death and bored to death, a most disagreeable combination.”

On a separate note, it has been widely reported today that And Tango Makes Three, an account of the lifestyles of gay penguins in New York's Central Park Zoo, tops the list of most ban requests published by the American Library Association.

One of our cats is definitely "anti-family". 16 kittens have been born in our home over the past few years, so I wonder if we are on the numbers as far as rates of feline homosexuality are concerned?

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