Saturday, October 03, 2009

Notes from abroad: another aside

This railway track in Campeche's suburbs was a bit of an oddity.

Where the malecón ends around 5km to the south of the centre, a main road (and this track) emerge at an angle from the city and continue along the coast which is lined by upper middle-class villas.

In some cases the rails have disappeared almost completely in the long grass, but in others, as here, they have become an unusual feature within a well-manicured front lawn.

At first I figured it must be as disused as the railway line that cuts across Puerto Barrios, then I thought it might just have something to do with the tourist trams, though these appeared to have wheels. And then, shortly after this pic was taken, I had settled down for a snack at a cafe next to the road and was completely dumfounded when a dwarfish freight trundled past...making full size freight train hooting and clanking noises.

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