Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Adding value

A somewhat bunkered-down gringo of our acquaintance came to us recently with a tale filled with foreboding.

On a recent Tapachusma run he had come across a compatriot who claimed to be "in the security services". While most of this individual's closest colleagues were now dead or missing, he attested to a durability which he put down to his continuing ability to "add value".

This apparently included informing complete strangers on a bus that the powers that be in the US are planning to eliminate 90% of the population as a last ditch solution to the energy and debt crises, leaving just a thousand families and their enormous pile of loot.

He also described in some detail how the charges necessary to bring down the twin towers were prepared some two years in advance of 9-11. (Which I suppose means during the Clinton administration, before the Neocons had their fingers on the detonators.)

"What the hell is really going on?," I ask myself. If Moses wrote the US Constitution, does that mean that it's some sort of Jewish conspiracy, or was he really from Jutland?

Keep watching the chemtrails folks.

(Unfortunately Antigua seems to be off the freedom flight path. We have our black choppers though.)


jeff lynn cassman said...

"What the hell is going on?" you ask yourself. You're being gangstalked, Guy. Haven't you figured it out yet?

JLC's alter ego said...