Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Premenstruals' finest in action

The comments reflect some disagreement over which party was more acting more prepotente in this situation. (Thanks to Scott for the link.)

UPDATE: Listen carefully with headphones and you'll hear the wife of the man with the camera telling her spouse to pipe down, because she thinks the PMT will hit them with another fine and they don't actually have any money!


Begonia said...

My husband has befriended "ODIO A EMETRA" on facebook. I think that some of the anger against EMETRA is justified--some of the agentes son unos pendejos de m*^!&. That said, both hubby and I agree that a lot of the anger has to do with the shock of having to pay real multas for traffic violations for the first time. I do hope and suspect that overall, EMETRA is improving driving conditions in the capital.

Anonymous said...

The guy filming was definitely the as...le. He reminded me of myself in the 80's. Returning from Nebaj, my bus made an overnight stop in Sacapulas. There a military post in town and I made the mistake of addressing one sargeant as "vos." Why wouldn't I? The drunken man followed me around (with a rifle strapped to his back) for over an our, calling me "vos" whenever he could. He scared the creido out of me. Finally, I asked if he would escort me to his commander, who might know my grandfather -- Col. so-and so. He told me that the commader was in Nebaj and I did not tell him my grandfather had been dead for over 40 years.