Saturday, November 13, 2010

Predators (2010)

A proper popcorn movie, some way short of being either a stand-alone sequel or a remake, 2010's Predators is essentially a homage to a concept which had lost its way a bit.

In a formal sense it could even be said to be an improvement on the 1987 film, though it's hard to see how it can be fully enjoyed without first (fully) appreciating the Arnie original. Fortunately we're totally on board with this: in fact the predator is probably V's favourite movie monster. (Here's one trying to blend in on Venice Beach a couple of years ago.)

Adrien Brody's transformation into a shrewd (though a bit too all-knowing) action star is convincing. The yakuza and the cartel enforcer are also welcome additions to the mix. Danny Trejo has been Navajas and Machete in previous Robert Rodriguez movies, and it would appear that the producer used his sway to get his protégé into his latest B-movie retread, this time under the alias of Cuchillo.

Grade: B++

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