Friday, November 05, 2010


To roughly the same extent that Secretos de Cocina is dire, this show on Canal 3 is actually pretty good. (Albeit heavily sponsored by all the gunk you don't really want to be consuming in a land so blessed with fresh ingredients.)

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Sonia said...

Ha ha ha! Looks good. You can't help but get a chuckle by the juxtaposition of all the fantastic-looking food, followed by the string of marcas de comida chatarra. Have you checked out the videos of Recetas de Margoth that Rudy is always linking to? Not that your wife would need to learn how to cook hilachas and chuchitos. Still, I find them useful since she is clearly cooking in the US, and therefore using the ingredients that one can find at Mexican markets. Also, for all their flaws they are very endearing.