Friday, October 08, 2021

Queenpins (2021)


A movie that might have been merely mediocre, yet finds ways to be execrable — a celebration of amoral dumbness, that suggests that not only the 1% of plucky American overdogs, but also the plucky underdogs up there are 'scum', as a certain Labour politician might say. 

Along the way we learn that Kristen Bell is no big screen star (the wig does not help), though Kirby Howell Baptiste, one of two sidekicks from The Good Place appearing here, has some serious potential. And yet she has been saddled with a maternal figure that is one of the most blatant racial stereotypes I've lately seen on celluloid: a flesh and blood version of Mammy Two Shoes from Tom & Jerry. 

As for Vince Vaughan, his palpable discomfort in every scene he has to do becomes one of the film's funnier gags. 

How many of the audience were unaware that the pair's illicit earnings weren't already laundered and didn't have to be invested in assault weapons which could then be sold on to a moronic militia? How hilarious. 

The action is capped off with one of the captured coupon queenpins informing her visiting husband that he's an 'asshole', when there is only one of those in that scene and it surely isn't him. A truly awkward girl power moment FAIL. 

This after the pair of idiotic criminals have mused how they are not really guilty of fraud. Yes they were. If I sell something which doesn't belong to me, like the finca next door to mine, that's fraud. And in this instance of coupones hueviados, with added smuggling. 

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