Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Only two more days to 'ere we go...

By way of an advent calendar I have discovered a new blog called Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. Monday's offering was a great pic of a veggie stall in the main market. A friend from HR asked me yesterday afternoon what the food is like in Guatemala. Well, the local cuisine as such may not be up to Basque standards, but the range of fresh ingredients is phenomenal.

Neopolitan TV chef and former jailbird Gino d'Acampo has just got back from Mexico and was on Saturday Kitchen last week teaching fatboy Worrall-Thompson how to cook albondigas with 'red rice'. (Gino actually says salsa, not "sulsa" like that dreadful Delia woman.) I just had to have a go myself. I didn't have any fresh breadcrumbs so I obliterated some Viktoria toasted rolls from IKEA using a mallet and that seemed to work well enough. Nor could I be bothered to go out and find some explosive chiles habaneros, so I used some pale green Californian chillies in a jar, yet somehow still managed to blow my head off.

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