Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Water Pistol

Another image from Tudela's fiesta patronal in 2004 - I didn't really have one to accompany this post.

Stefan told me a great story on the boat this morning. His former colleague Assen has become a very successful businessman back home in Bulgaria, setting up one of Sofia's most prominent insurance companies (persistently rumoured to be linked to Russian Military Intelligence, though of course Assen denies this.)

Recently Assen was in London and decided to pop into Hamleys to get something for his young son. Being London's most prestigious toy store of course they sell rockets, but Assen made the mistake (easily done) of requesting just a bit too much solid rocket fuel to go with his purchase, and staff were concerned enough to call in the police. Marched off and interrogated, Assen asserted his status as one of Eastern Europe's leading entrepreneurs and was eventually released with his rocket. He was not however allowed to take any of the fuel home with him. In compensation Hamleys gave him a free water pistol.

Stefan wonders if the Regent Street store sells mini-Stinger missiles that you can attach to your radio-controlled airplane!

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