Thursday, June 08, 2006

One Hour Photo

Entertaining pyscho-thriller, and actually quite unusual in that Sy the Photo Guy has almost become something of an anti-hero at the end....and is still alive, if castigated.

Normally any sympathy the central wacko builds up at the start is thrown away in a third act esclation of violent weirdness that terminates with his or her own personal termination.

Not here though. An abused-child himself, Sy yearns to be part of an 'ideal' American family, and although there is undoubtedly something creepy about the form this yearning takes, he is allowed to expose the normality he is excluded from as both bogus and unpleasant in its own way. Great performance by Robin Williams and eye-catching scene-setting throughout.

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scott said...

Man those ceviches look good.

I am not allowed to eat it (at least from smaller comedores, cevicherias) when in Guate. What's up with that??