Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Heroes returns

"And now the conclusion of the Heroes premiere, brought to you with no further commercial interruption by Nissan"

Except that I was watching it on my PC, so this was the only commercial interruption.

So, Nathan has a beard and Parkman has had a divorce, so his wife doesn't appear to have made the leap to series two. George Takei and other characters seem to have been given the option of an on-screen exit.

There are also some new characters, such as a pair of Honduran twins, one of whom is called Maya. Hero twins?

When complex structured plots like this are threatened with being pulled apart by their own contradictions the usual response from writers is to speed things up as the season progresses. This does present some pacing difficulties for the start of the second run, but sometimes dividing up the cast into alternating clumps chasing after different objectives (a la Lost) can overcome them. I'm still intrigued enough to download the next one!

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