Monday, October 08, 2007

New poll

Mano Dura's radio ads now openly refer to the opposition as 'Mano Aguada'.

Things are looking up a bit for Mano Aguada though. According to the latest poll from CID Gallup 44.7% would vote for Colom, compared to the 42.1% that apparently intend to vote for Mano Dura; 13.2 % remain undecided.

Both candidates have said they want to increase the education budget; not a bad thing as 100m Quetzales (approx. $13m) were recently diverted from this by Oscar Berger's government towards the refurbisment of the airport.

It has to be said that this project has been carried out pretty well, on the inside at least. Getting in and out of Aurora International is, if anything, a more chaotic experience since it became 'the most modern airport in Central America'...thanks in part to the selfless sacrifice made by a generation of Guatemalan schoolkids.

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