Thursday, October 11, 2007

Paul Gillin

Author of The New Influencers and a blogger since June '05.

Spoke about how social networks have harnessed the power of personal publishing, transforming me comms into us comms and how innovation in this sphere has been galvanised by cheaper open source software.

A few other factlets and interesting observations from his speech:
  • 65% of Facebook users need a daily fix
  • The average age of US network evening news viewers is now 60
  • It is now cheaper to keep information than to delete it
  • Influencers "dwell at all levels" as blog authority becomes more diffuse
  • The economics of mainstream media is rooted in a dying form of scarcity: "the economic model of newspapers is unsustainable" (discuss..?)
  • Negativity has the greatest impact when it amplifies a common problem
  • Bloggers respond to different motivations and often actively seek out engagement
  • Peer trust is now crucial, but some peers are more equal than others!
There are many different ways to measure the impact of social media on the market, he concluded, yet "what's the ROI?" isn't always the right first question to ask.

He finished up with a Kodak moment...

This was one of those internal productions that 'somehow got out'.

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Paul Gillin said...

Thanks for a very cogent summary of my presentation!