Saturday, November 10, 2007

Concert in Las Capuchinas

La Antigua's freeloading fraternity was out in force last night at the Santo Domingo for the opening of an exhibition of works by established Guate-born painter and sculptor Roberto González Goyri, the man responsible for that massive statue of Tecún Umán that you pass on the way to the airport. He has quite a funky website with sound effects too.

The nibbles were top quality too, V reports. Taquitos de pollo and brochetitas and some very good wine. Jeannette came along. (My mother insists that the nibbles at Claridges last week were done by Gordon Ramsay, but they were generally unexceptional, apart perhaps from the salmon mouse served in tiny ice-cream cones.)

If she recovers in time V plans to go along to a classical concert in the ruins of the Convent of Las Capuchinas this morning at eleven. An American soprano called Carol Ann and a pianist called Ana Lucrecia will perform. The entrance is free but you have to bring a toy to give away as a Xmas present for children in need. What a great idea.

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