Monday, November 12, 2007

Por que no te callas?

The Iberoamerican summit in Santiago Chile ended in disarray when King Juan Carlos of Spain invited Hugo Chávez to shut the fuck up. The Venezuelan presidente had been heckling Zapatero's closing speech and had repeatedly referred to the Spanish leader's predecessor José María Aznar as "un fascista" of the extreme right. The incident has gripped the Spanish-speaking world and El Mundo has this morning compiled all the related Internet gags it could find. A commentator on Five Live said it was rather like a typical British Christmas dinner where the relatives are united in silent munching before someone says something and then it all kicks off!

Meanwhile Chávez has described Juan Carlos as "impudent" and insinuated that the King played a role in the coup attempt against him in 2002. (One of those Spanish ambassadors again...though somehow I can't imagine Juan Carlos back in his hotel room slobbering over a candle and hissing "Yo soy luz, Chávez es la oscuridad"!)

"No rey, no nos vamos a callar. Yo soy de los hijos de Bolívar," affirmed Chavez yesterday, but then said he hoped this spat woudn't damage relations between the two countries.

Full Disclosure: Zapatero and Juan Carlos are my heroes. Chávez isn't!

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