Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Mitsubishi 'Wanker'

Spotted this one outside Stringfellows on Friday, appropriately enough.

It's the imported version of the SUV known here as the Shogun and the Montero in Guate

...imported by people that must be blissfully unaware what pajero actually means in Spanish.


CarmenDeBizet said...

As far as Pajero, yeah, ignorance is bliss. Haha. Now, when it comes to cars, on one of my trips back to Guatemala I was lectured about cars and how Hyundai was above many brands in both performance and style. I did not know why I was being lectured, my only comment had been that I saw a lot of Hyundais on the road so in my opinion, they were affordable. Apparently, when I said "affordable" all hell broke loose.
I found you via Antigua Daily Photo by the way.

scott said...

Ha ha, that's awesome.