Thursday, November 29, 2007

Headless chickens

Wilfredo Monzón Guillén, alias El Gallo, leader of the minor-league gang franchise in Zona 18 of Guatemala City known, appropriately enough, as Los Gallos, was arrested yesterday and charged with 34 separate counts of murder. 7 of his associates were also captured in an operation involving hundred of cops and some regular army troops as well.


CarmenDeBizet said...

34 separate counts of murder?? Man. He must be very well "respected."

Will he have access to a cell phone and cable TV? Or will he get a slap on the hand and get the TV minus the cell and cable?

I ask these questions because my relatives have told me how these guys live "behind bars." Looking at the positive side though, he is no longer running his "business" from the outside. Of course, running "business" from the inside may be no picnic, but it's not impossible.

(I was abroad btw.)

El Blogador said...

I'm not sure whether the semi-autonomous prison option is still available in Guatemala after this year's raid on el Pavon.

These mareros were a particularly violent bunch of extortionists as opposed to drug-traffickers, so incarcerations should slow them down a bit.