Friday, November 09, 2007

Energy Emergency

A state of energy emergency has been declared by out-going Guatemalan Vice President Eduardo Stein.

The rise in the dollar price of a barrel of oil will clearly cause a great deal of short term pain to the local economy, but I really think it should spur them on to develop their ethanol refining capabilities and to reduce their dependence on the medieval bigots and freaks that control most of the black gold.

Stein is the most senior politico left in Guate right now because Berger has gone off to the XVII Iberoamerican summit in Chile with Álvaro Colom, the man set to replace in January. It goes without saying that previous transitions have been less amicable, but Berger apparently asked Colom 'sos rojo o crema?' and having received a satisfactory reply, booked him a ticket to Santiago.

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