Sunday, November 04, 2007

VIP La Otra Casa

Is a new movie from Guatemalan director Elías Jiménez Trachtenberg, which is on general release over there right now.

A government official called Juan Ramos is jailed for suspected corruption: an unusual enough premise in Guate. Apparently the rest of the film is about his struggle to get himself transfered to the VIP part of the prison and the plots hatched by his personal enemies that are geared towards ensuring that his stay behind bars is nasty, brutal and short.

The film has quite a funky website. Oddly, it has yet to be listed on the IMDB along with Jiménez's first feature, La Casa En Frente.

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Anonymous said...

Excelente pelicula Guatemalteca una felicitacion para el director veanla trata de la dura realidad que se vive por la corrupcion en las carceles.. Adelante con estas producciones Guatemala