Sunday, December 06, 2009


The ex-Prez has been throwing an all-day shingdig at his pad just up the road. From early on the denizens of Jardines were out washing their cars, cutting their lawns and putting up helpful little signs like this in anticipation of the influx of illustrious guests for the wedding reception of ex-Prez jnr.

The area was packed with vans sent by countless leading local caterers. We watched as the men from Tikal Futura in their burgundy waistcoats queued for tortillas at a street corner. Perhaps nobody thought to lay on a few canapés for the staff.

From our francotirador's-eye view of proceedings, we had possibly the best seat for the firework display which kicked the evening session off at seven. It's V's birthday and she loves pyrotecnics, so this was a special treat.

Alluring smells have been wafting across the valley ever since, starting with roasting coffee beans. Right now there's a scent of Asian-Fusian nibbles that has us playing with the idea of jumping in the car and going out for a Chinese. (But in truth we haven't quite recovered from last night's GMT-birthday celebrations.)

We reckon the organisers of today's bash knocked on a certain neighbour's door and offered those within a bribe so that they wouldn't hang up any washing this weekend. There's stuff on the line almost every single day, but it's been clear of trapos since last night, and thus presents a less obvious eye-sore to guests arriving at the entrance of DV (The local n'er-do-well who was sneaking around at night pulling up all the new flowers in order to flog them off, would also appear to have been socially cleansed well in advance of the condominio's grand opening.)

From up here we can also see how the entire lotification has been turned into a huge valet parking lot for gas-guzzlin' 4x4s and other smart motors this evening. Guests step out beneath an awning and are ushered into minibuses which take them on a two-block jaunt over to the parrot-infested driveway.

We ran into ex-Prez himelf in his Kawasaki Mule last night. He's inclined to stop to chat with V, but this time he decelerated a bit, waved jovially then put his foot down to get around the corner, almost spilling the two bodyguards riding al fresco at the rear.


Adina said...

Niiiiice. We've had a fair and firecrackers for neighbors this weekend. The firecrackers are nice if you're not sleeping. Unless you are our neighbors dog. This neighbor swears that his dog gets impacted every time he tries to go outside and do his thing because he gets scared by the firecrackers.

El Blogador said...

I can understand that. Our dogs hate Christmas almost as much as turkeys thanks to all the fireworks here. Two years ago we were away and our little puppy stayed behind and she was traumatised by local kids pushing firecrackers under our garage door. Every time she hears a bang - albeit a distant rocket in San Pedro - she runs to hide and starts trembling.