Monday, August 23, 2010

Once more unto the multiplex dear friends...

This is an interesting way to encourage a certain kind of cinema-goer to forsake their torrents in favour of a higher cause.

Here in Guatemala movie pirates are not told that their actions are the moral equivalent of shoplifting, an argument I have always thought rather weak. No, go to the cinema here (it only costs a couple of quid anyway) and you will probably see an ad before the main feature in which a young man shows up for an interview and inadvertently reveals the DVD pirata he's just purchased to his potential employer.

The interview ends abruptly and a stern voiceover reminds the audience that people who buy bootlegs are telling the rest of us something about their character. What? That they're too dumb not to get the movie for free off the Internet? Perhaps this is why this little film always sets off a ripple of sniggers.

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