Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas TV viewing diary

I suppose the two main highlights here were and Wallace and Gromitt: A Matter of Loaf and Death and Doctor Who - The Next Doctor. Both were enjoyable but left a bit of an aftertaste of 'haven't we seen all that before?'

My instructions from V on Christmas morning were clear: "If the doorbell rings, don't answer will only be ladrones or family."

We'd been up until 3am the previous night celebrating with rellenitos topped with Fortnum's cognac butter. This may sound all very posh and pretentious but the jar was something V had picked up at Heathrow Airport at a give-away price and stuffed in the freezer on arrival here in anticipation of this sort of synchretic seasonal need.

We did actually get to see the non-hostile portion of her family on our own terms later on the afternoon of the 25th, and had dropped them back at the Parque San Sebastián in time to catch the fireworks display that kicks of traditional Christmas Day festivities in El Manchén.

Boxing Day was then celebrated in the kitchen where we put together a delicious Thai red curry, with pan arabe as a competent, less greasy stand-in for Nan bread.

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