Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snakes on a Plane

Samuel L Jackson is an FBI agent accompanying a key witness on the red-eye from Hawaii to LA. The crim who stands to lose most from this pair arriving at LAX has had the 747's cargo hold filled with every type of posionous snake known to man - one of them is even "from the Middle East" - and triggered the more unpleasant side of their nature by spraying a load of Hawaian lei with pheromones. "Snakes on Crack," as Jackson later puts it.

It's hard to diss this movie because all the things that are truly terrible about it were clearly done intentionally. If Airplane took all the corny clichés from 70s arline disaster movies and turned them into comedy, the 'monkeys with typewriters' (as Andrew Keen likes to refer to the distributed talents of the blogosphere) who helped put this B-Movie together thought it would be even more entertaining to re-percolate them into an ostensibly 'straight-faced' scenario...and they weren't entirely mistaken.

Grade: B+ or C-- depending on mood and whether you paid to see it!

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