Friday, June 03, 2005


On Wednesday Chris Anderson posted on the six reasons he prefers good blogs to most traditional journalism. These include "when they make mistakes, they tend to correct them".

So it's time for me to correct one of mine. In my posting dated 25/5/05 I left the professional reputation of Rosarito's slain police chief Carlos Bowser-Miret open to cynical speculation and was deservedly rebuked by a relative of his.

In my defence I did at the time have a look around for some background on what seemed to be a striking story and could find none, but in the past couple of weeks a number of articles have appeared in the MSM which have filled out the details a bit. There seems little reason to doubt that Bowser Miret was one of the good guys.

This blog strives for a facetious, irony-laden tone and makes no pretence to be a news source, but in future greater care will be taken over the sensitivities surrounding comments passed here.

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