Thursday, June 02, 2005

Gran Hermano Dia 7

'Mikhazi' has successfully passed her week one test, pissing the others off just enough to avoid the public vote, but possibly not enough to unify the whole house against her long term.

We know have one of those situations that makes Big Brother so enjoyable. The phoney war is over and sides are being taken, but based on intelligence that we the viewers gleefully know to be misguided. Eviction candidate Mary, looking increasingly like she's just crawled out of the TV like Sadako from the Ringu films, is conducting the flow of embittered whispers: "Their little group....they think they're so clever." etc. If she survives on Friday it will definitely be a case of Ju:On, The Grudge next week.

It's funny how cigar and brandy-loving Tory-boy Derek has a knack for getting under black skin in particular. "I've never heard a black man talk like that", opined one lady that Channel 4 interviewed. By breaking with culturally-agreed postures, Derek is challenging perceptions of race within as well as without his own 'community' and there is some value in this.

Science on the other hand, is living the stereotype in an accepted, authentically Afro-Caribbean way. He reminds me of those undulating rude boys that line the streets of Belize City.

This year the men have big personalities and the girls have big...

The lack of mammaries last year must surely have been raised as an issue in viewer polls. Saskia's aren't fake, she insists, her scars are the result of open heart surgery, which we all know involves incisions under the armpits.

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