Monday, June 06, 2005

The Flying Dustbin

Day 11. The removal of the psychotic psychic hasn't prevented a rash of confrontations in the Big Brother house this weekend. So far this year the protagonisms and antagonisms are banding and disbanding according to the issue of the moment.

Gossip hacks are united in pointing to cross-dressing Kemal as a likely winner, hoping that none of us have spotted what an odious little creep he is. As for slightly unhinged street sage Science, soon it may not be just his hairstyle that's in need of a restraining order.

Derek, the dapper cross-dresser of stereotypes is providing an amusing political commentary from the inside.

Someone was humming the ASDA tune yesterday and E4 neglected to edit it out with the usual tweeting noises.

On Sunday we prepared ourselves a delicious breakfast based on one of Roberto's well-received late night recipes - French Toast with a layer of mozzarella, a rocket salad, sliced banana and miel de palma (palm tree honey) from La Gomera.

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