Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Derek Watch

Derek is arguably the pinnacle of BB housemateydom, the ideal to which all others appear to be aspiring - the 100% authentic phoney.

He does say some outrageous things. For example, yesterday he observed that there is nothing you could ever say to Vanessa that would stimulate her to say something meaningful. And, even more jaw-droppingly, "Science is the first black man I have known that would make me go out and join the BNP...tomorrow".

Having made it clear to most of his younger housemates that he considers them to be lazy, ignorant peasants, it would seem that his days of televisual encarceration are numbered.

Yet it was a very smart idea to put someone in there who thinks of himself as an outsider to the something-for-nothing celebrity culture. You get the feeling watching Derek that the pressure to conform within the society has has chosen has suppressed some of his natural drama. And his close friendship with the Hamiltons suggests that he's closer to the torrid corruptions of Heat than he might otherwise be prepared to admit.

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