Monday, June 06, 2005

Kung Fu Tennis

"A bit too good to be true" was V's verdict on Raphael Nadal after we had watched him despatch Mariano Puerta (and earlier her personal favourite Roger Federer) at Roland Garros. She will concede that Nadal sports a rear end superior to any on view even in the women's tour, a genuine matador's backside, which was treated to the appropriate fanfares throughout the final on Sunday.

The day before Mary Pierce had played as if she'd been paid to throw her match against Henin-Hardenne. Nadal found Puerta to be a more worthy final obstacle, but under the expectant gaze of his King, the young mayorquino reached a plateau of form that proved as invincible as Asterix after a heavy magic potion session.

In the semi-final Federer's grace and economy of movement were made to look non-commital and uninventive. It's a shame, because Roland Garros and Roger Federer need each other. Nadal is a special talent, but will need to show signs at Wimbledon in a couple of weeks that he's more than just a clay-court specialist.

Meanwhile Guatemala, missing both Ruiz and Pezzarossi, lost at home 0-2 to Mexico, but fortunately the USA also stuffed the ticos. Wednesday's game between the two recently-drubbed Central American teams is now a must-win for Guatemala if they're to keep their World Cup dream alive.

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