Monday, January 18, 2021

Druk / Another Round (2020)

Druk joins the greats of Thomas Vinterberg's back catalogue (The Hunt, Festen...) in the 'don't hold your breath for an American remake' bucket.

In this delightful film, four male, middle-aged, teachers at a gymnasium in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen decide to test the theory of Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skårderud, that we are all born with a blood alcohol content that is just a glass or two of vino too low — and that if we can attain and maintain a suitably elevated level during the daytime, our personal and professional lives will become so much more satisfying.
Each member of this quartet is experiencing an urgent desire for a form of re-flourishing, particularly Martin, a history teacher whose students are in open revolt with their parents against his bafflingly anaesthetic classroom style. For this role Mads Michelson rejoins Vinterberg. Has he ever been in a truly bad movie?
PS: I thought Druk (rendered as Another Round for the anglophone market) probably means drunk, but Google thinks binge drinking might be a better translation.

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