Saturday, January 09, 2021

Venality and Social Awkwardness

“This day was left at my house a very neat silver watch, by one Briggs, a scrivener and sollicitor, at which I was angry with my wife for receiving, or, at least, for opening the box wherein it was, and so far witnessing our receipt of it, as to give the messenger 5s. for bringing it; but it can't be helped, and I will endeavour to do the man a kindnesse, he being a friend of my uncle Wight's.”

Samuel Pepys, April 17, 1665. 

A case of watch where you open that box. 

I once had some clients in government institutions during the nineties who would go to near extraordinary lengths not to be seen to be receiving any sort of tribute, even a bottle of plonk at Christmas. 

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