Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Last Day(s)


The eventual outline of 2020 and the one that 2021 also appears to be adopting, inexorably

As the players took to the knee before yesterday's Premier League match between Arsenal and Newcastle, the commentator spoke of a year defined by an increase in social consciousness. 

Given the inherently ‘half empty’ handicap applied to any retrospective on the past twelve months, this apparently cheery note jarred just a little. It would not be so hard to make the opposite case. 

I suppose on a personal level, 2020 had its isolated pluses. There were Mila’s kittens, my investment in Tesla, the discovery of the work of Lawrence Osborne...

Trump’s denouement too, though this has yet to feel fully cathartic. 

I'll be off later to acquire a bottle of champagne. As Dan Rather noted on Twitter today, it feels a bit like Christmas Eve. 

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