Friday, November 10, 2006

"Mis chuchos, mis chuchos"

Rudy Girón has been running a series of posts on Guatemalan cuisine and yesterday's entry featured V's favourite local snack, chuchos.

She doesn't normally like paying anyone in advance for goods or services yet to be delivered, but makes an exception with an old lady who produces her own tamales and chuchos and comes to our street in Antigua once a week to serve them up to her subscribers. I remember one evening last July when the gathering gloom matched V's sinking spirits: her chuchos were late. To avoid pacing up and down indoors we took the dog for walk and on the return leg spotted the old lady with her basket in the distance as she approached from the main road. Much rejoicing ensued.

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scott said...

We had great chuchos in Antigua, Coban, and well as ones cooked by Betty's mom. Great stuff. I like to drizzle a little chili Coban over...well, almost everything.

We brought back chiltepes grown in front of her sister's house, whole chilis from Coban, and powdered smoky chili as well. (I like to add a little of this powder, along with a little pepitoria, to chocolate).