Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sniffing into a bag

Frode has sent me this abcnews article on the current state of oversensitivities on America's airlines:
"One passenger on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City was
arrested for leaving his seat to go to the lavatory less than 30 minutes before
landing (due to the incident, air marshals ordered all passengers to put their
hands on their heads for the rest of the flight)...In September, Seth Stein, a
London interior designer returning from his vacation in Turks and Caicos, was
put in a chokehold and physically pinned to his seat by another passenger on an American Airlines flight. Stein's crime: He used an iPod, went to the lavatory and his tan made him appear 'Arab.'"

1 comment:

scott said...

The whole "liquids" thing is insane, esp. considering that there's no evidence a bomb can be made from a tube of lip gloss!!

We had to stash our bottles of zacapa centenario in our check-in bags once we got to Houston...and 2 got smashed!