Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Should I one day be sufficiently rich and bored, I might attempt to put together a pictorial guide to the architecture of Central American border posts.

An unlikely set of circumstances...so in the meantime I'll throw this out as a project idea to one of the few clubs or societies I have ever belonged to, voluntarily: the Wogs and Trogs.*

A mate of mine once got funding via that organisation for a trek which would result in a comprehensive guide to the Panamerican Highway from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. There did seem to be no limit then to the kind of student jaunt that philanthropists would pay for.

That particular expedition, which I believe stalled during the scoping phase, was essentially a road trip with a complicated amphibious challenge in its mid section: the Darién Gap.

On my own recent cross-border(s) expedition I woke up one morning to discover that my blog had been eliminado. Suspicious activity had been detected on my Gmail account, so Google shut it down, and as the rigmarole of reactivation involved automated SMS messages that I wasn't able to receive in time before my browser session timed out, I decided to let it be until I got back.

In fact I was somewhat tempted to make a clean break, but seven years of inner diablog were always going to be a little hard to walk away from.

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