Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guate Logic?

Just when we thought the zombie-blog had finally keeled over, a semi-literate imposter appears to have inhabited the corpse, offering up a fresh example of Chapin irrationality.

Well, while we're at it, I have a couple of my own. I noticed yesterday that shoppers at the Despensa face an interesting conundrum in the booze section: one can either purchase a 1.5L bottle of Venado Especial for Q41.50, or the very same bottle of grog plus a free 2L bottle of Pepsi for Q40. I watched in amazement as one guy, a real Pepsi-hater for sure, went for the lighter but more expensive of the two options.

Meanwhile, just next door at Pollo Frito Pinulito, V was scratching her head as one sappy local punter requested two pieces of chicken and two orders of fries...separately, for Q24. If only he'd signaled an interest in the 'combo' advertised above his head, he'd not only have paid less, he'd have got some salad thrown in as well.


norm said...

Logic-who cares when there are black choppers over Antigua? I saw that Mark/Jeff skipped asking for a bail hearing.

Begonia said...

I think men (especially in Guatemala, where they don't do a lot of the grocery shopping) are much more likely to be "grab and go" shoppers, who don't bother with bargain hunting or comparison shopping. My father always did the weekly grocery shopping in my family, but even after 35 years of shopping, he still buys on brand-name recognition alone. I can picture him in either one of the above scenarios.

GC said...

Well, that's an interesting point because my wife always reckoned that Don Marco missed the opportunity to accuse shopkeepers here of being sexist as well as racist, her theory being that the women who tend to stand behind counters all know that men won't open their mouths to complain when they get ripped off, just like they don't ask for directions! Maybe men don't do a lot of the groceries because their wives are also onto this..