Thursday, October 07, 2010

Piranha 3D (2010)

There's usually not much of a point to 3D in the modern cinema. Here there did seem to be one, but it's not a particularly deep one. Looming boobies aside, this is a knowing modern remake of a 70s homage to Jaws, and an all-round indirectly amusing pastiche of the genre that movie came to represent.

And it features one no holds barred fish-on-spring breaker action scene that makes the first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan look like an episode of the Tellytubbies, but any slightly misanthropic oldies like myself, who have ever found themselves tuned into E Uncovered's coverage of these vernal festivities will no doubt be properly mentally prepared for this.

As with the previously-blogged feature, an implicit reference to 70s aesthetics has permitted the director to deliver a fully unreconstructed cinematic experience!

Grade: B (+-)


Sonia said...

What, no comment on the Don Marco debacle? I anxiously await your response.

GC said...

When your blog 'voice' is essentially one of a more or less educated piss-take, sometimes you come across a story which defies comment...because, as Ben Elton once said of the Ferrero Rocher ads, how can one take the piss out of something which essentially takes the piss out of itself so comprehensively that any would-be wag is left speechless. And there are plenty of aspects of this story anyway which are not especially funny.

Having said that..

Sonia said...

Hmm. Spoken like a true Englishman--reserved to a fault. Please excuse me while I go take a stroll in this Antarctic blizzard...

As an American, however, I can gleefully indulge myself in mentally listing each one of the many ironies of the whole situation. Sadly, I lack a blog from which to broadcast my thoughts.

I do hope that Mark/Jeff's wife and kids find their way safely back to the U.S. I wonder if we will hear from anyone who might have be tempted to "invest in Guate" with Don Marco. It doesn't appear that any of his regular commenters were swindled.

GC said...

She might not be in such a big hurry to go back as her family was apparently one of those he scammed.

Meanwhile, a souvenir video...

Sonia said...

Yesss!!! Thank you for the breadcrumb.

By the way, awesome Accion PNC video editing.

From what I read, Sara V's parents are eager to have her back home.

GC said...

You have to suspect that 'Mark' has left behind one of the biggest bar tabs in Guatemalan history..It's a wonder that the local economy will survive without his 'contributions' to it!

Joking apart, such is the value we put on our own life here in Antigua that it does sadden me that anyone, regardless of what they may have done back home, and regardless of whether they love this country as much as we do, should have it taken away from them at a moment's notice.

By way of another breadcrumb, this whole tale reinforces our commitment to generally steering clear of the ex-pat scene here.

Most of our friends (and family) are locals and we're happy that way. Mark was by no means the most sinister member of the local ex-pat community. There are far more unpleasant individuals from up north walking around town who won't appear on any FBI wanted list.

I once described 'Mark' to a friend here as a big fat spider whose web was his blog. To many of us it seemed all too obvious that he was both highly manipulative and what Chapines call a gorro. The trouble was it was also clear that his web was starting to expand beyond the Web and he did little to disguise his basic attraction to other people's money, particularly that belonging to vulnerable newly retired people coming to Guatemala.

BTW, another of those ironies you mentioned on your blog would be that nobody with a genuine interest in doing business here would spend most of every morning writing stories which would undermine anyone's confidence in investing in Guatemala!