Friday, October 29, 2010

The Other Guys (2010)

If you're one of the many who chortled at Anchorman, then you are likely to experience the same sort of spasms here.

Dr K, not exactly a great aficionado of modern American comedy, limits his praise to the 'presence' of Mark Wahlberg, regardless of whether this particular occupation of space involves any actual laughs.

I suppose Will Ferrell is used to being mentioned in the same breath as Adam Sandler, as one of those comedians from across the pond that we Brits just don't get. But I'm actually quite fond of the absurdist, almost surrealist contributions he's made to a number of movies, this one included.

What you might have to query is whether the serious, actually quite Michael Moorish graphics* which overlay the end credits have in fact been pre-undermined by the sheer loopiness of the dialogue and other action sequences, in this tale of two under-regarded NYPD cops from the back-office chasing the tail of some serious financial shenanigans.

Mark Wahlberg is very good though. His presence was a bonus in Date Night too.

Grade: B+

* Including one on the dastardliness of ponzi schemes which may interest regular readers here.

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